👋 Hey! I'm Yorbi Barriento

I'm a Product Designer passionate about creating meaningful, relevant and inclusive solutions for people.

Based in Buenos Aires. I'm looking for my next opportunity! Get in touch.

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Here are a few of my favorite projects that I've previously work on:

Drogueria Del Sud: Redesign

Droguería del Sud

Transactional platform redesign of the main distribution & logistics clinical supply chain in Argentina.

My role: Started as the UX designer and growth to be the product designer in the 7 months project.

Goal: Help pharmacist with their stock control and replenishment in a fast and easy way.

Drogueria Del Sud: Redesign

Go Open (UX Case)

Rewards points program mobile app for the American multinational cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company.

My role: UX Designer in the on going project.

Goal: Improve the experience for the tobacco seller to get to know more about the product and gain points while doing so.

Are you looking to hire or collaborate with a Product Designer?

📧 E-mail me at: contact@yorbi.me